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    At MEDDLE we bring together people with meaningful stories to tell and ask them to share what they believe in, in order to attract other like-minded individuals.


Our mission is to spread awareness of independent and highly talented Italian creatives, artists, local craftsmen, designers and all those passionate and dedicated people who – starting with their beliefs – have the ability to inspire a global audience and find others who inspire them. We’ve made it our mission to get people everywhere to meddle into other people’s universes and discover things they’re doing, which are a one-of-a-kind proof of what they believe.


Each product available is made in Italy with ♥︎

MEDDLE is a curated marketplace where talented Italian creatives, artists, independent designers & makers are given credit for what they do with passion and dedication.

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When people understand the power in their hands as customers and stop buying what people do but instead why people do it, we will have achieved our goal.